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KidsBuddy is a mobile application platform designed for children in KG1 to Grade 7. KidsBuddy places a strong emphasis on student skill development, which will support the child’s academic and cognitive growth. KidsBuddy Smiley teaches students academic and non-academic activities.

It provides a well-designed personalized learning experience that includes practical activities that support a child in making connections with the real world.

KidsBuddy Smiley leader-board also helps your child develop competitive skills which allow them to compete with other kids of the same age and develop a winning spirit.

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Features of KidsBuddy

Knowledge cards

Knowledge cards help the student to learn a particular topic in an interesting way. Interesting facts about the topic along with pictures and fancy text will be used to explain. The child has the option to read or to listen to the text that is given in the Knowledge card, once that is completed there will be 4 questions that will be asked to the child. Through Knowledge cards, we include interesting topics, that will trigger curiosity and inquiry skills in the student’s mind.

Math Kid

MathKid focuses on making mathematics easy and improving a child’s attention in it. We provide age-appropriate interesting Mathematics questions to students. They need to read the MCQ-based question and find the answer from the given options. They will get points based on selecting the right answer. Math kid will offer students basic-intermediate-advanced level questions which help develop their mental strength. These questions can be selected by the parent or the teacher based on what they think would be the best choice for a student. This activity also helps to identify the knowledge level of the student in the maths subject.

Kids Challenges

Introducing Daily challenges! This feature is the first on our list and is based on the international curriculum. With this activity, our focus has been on making the brains of our students more curious and building their interest in doing hands-on activities that can be used in real life as well. Our Daily activities provide our users with experimental learning, working models, still models, and arts and crafts, and these challenges are known to help our students with active learning. Education that is based on the active learning model helps in the cognitive development of the child’s brain.

Kids Quiz

It is used to identify and understand a child’s level of intelligence. This activity helps the encouragement of a child to learn new things and also helps in the development of their knowledge. Based on the user’s age group we give interesting and fun quizzes that are loved by kids. Academic and non-academic quizzes are used to improve the general knowledge level of kids.

Spelling Kid

The prime objective of Spelling kid is to teach kids about words. This helps the child’s spelling to improve drastically. New words will be taught every day which the child will listen to and then they need to enter the spelling of the word, after that, a detailed explanation of that word will be shown to the child. The explanation will have the grammar and its uses, the degree of speech, phonetic transcription, and an example sentence that is used by the word.


Vocabulary offers the child a chance to learn a new word every day. This activity helps the child to improve their vocabulary by using the newly learned word from the KidsBuddy app. A new word is introduced to students every day. Along with an explanation of its meaning, the synonyms, antonyms, and usage of these words will also be given to them. The students can listen to those words and frame a new sentence with them to complete this task.

Kids Stories

Let’s start with the development of the child’s imagination. KidsBuddy provides the kids with some amazing stories that feed moral value to them. Kids can then use what they understand from the stories shown to them and implement them in their daily lives. The child has the option to read the story on their own or they can ask their parents to read it out for them. Pictures are shown to retain attention and drive up curiosity.

Kids Diary

Kids Diary is a friendly and beautiful note-taking app that is meant to help the child develop the habit of writing things down. This includes memories, happy moments, daily activities, and more. The primary purpose of this app is to improve the writing skills of a child in general.