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KidsBuddy is the perfect solution for today’s on-the-go workaholic families. We provide affordable education solutions that don’t compromise the quality and childcare services.

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Click here to join our free Origami and Spoken English class conducted by KidsBuddy Smiley.

The origami classes and the spoken English classes will help your child develop creativity and communication skills.

Stay tuned as we are planning to bring in more exciting online classes for your child.

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Origami class

Let KidsBuddy take you on an adventurous trip to the ancient paper-folding art. In Origami kids fold a sheet of paper into 3d figures which excites other modalities of learning. Origami is known to improve visualization, special reasoning, and more. It also teaches students about the different shapes used in maths encouraging interest in the subject as well.

Spoken English

Spoken English class that focuses on the primary speaking and communication skills of the child, making them more confident and helping them develop higher self-esteem. The Spoken English class teaches your child how to speak English fluently while also expanding their vocabulary in a fun way. Gaining command of the English language and a large vocabulary will benefit their educational experience as well as their communications skills. Children will not only learn English but also become more interested in the process as a result of fun learning activities. To keep the Kids interested, we will have more of such fun and valuable classes for students. Stay tuned to attend more!

Upcoming Classes

Robotics classes prepare students for the competition of tomorrow. Robotics classes teach students maths, science, working with a team, and coding language. It’s a part of the active learning model.

Python coding is a very popular programming language in today's times. This course will teach you about machine learning, data visualization, data analytics, and web scraping. Coding classes will enrich the student’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Abacus class coming very soon. The abacus improves concentration, memory, speed, and accuracy. Don’t miss out on these classes.