Children Quiz

Children Quiz

How many of you’ll love answering quizzes that came on television or in the newspapers? A Quiz not just excites adults but also young learners. That is the reason why we have incorporated the Quiz option into our KidsBuddy Smiley app.

In today’s fast-paced world, children have become faster and smarter. They don’t like writing lengthy answers but love cracking quizzes that have multiple options.

The quiz is one form of testing students, both for the knowledge they have as well as their aptitude and mental ability. Children enjoy playing the quiz game on the KidsBuddy Smiley app and are quite excited to know whether the answer they have chosen is right or wrong. If wrong, they are more curious to know what is the right answer.

Here are the reasons why we have introduced the unique quiz feature on the KidsBuddy Smiley app and how it will help children.

Here are the reasons why we have introduced the unique quiz feature on the KidsBuddy Smiley app and how it will help children.

Element of fun and excitement

An important reason why kids love quizzes is that it is fun and exciting for them. Just like we adults love to take a break from our daily routine activities, kids are just the same. A quiz on their favorite game or about the latest happenings serves as a break from their routine.

TeamworkPrepares children for future competitive examinations

Taking part in quizzes on the KidsBuddy Smiley app prepares children for future competitive examinations and inter-school quiz events as well. The quiz that we offer is quite thought-provoking and not just focused on one particular subject or discipline. Our quiz lays the stepping stone (foundation) towards cracking major competitive examinations moving forward.

Confidence booster

The word ‘examination’ gives shivers to children. However, the word ‘quiz’ eliminates the pressure that exams put on children. Getting the right answers to quizzes serves as a confidence booster for the children. Even if they get a question wrong, they are all set to attempt the next question with the same enthusiasm.

Boost Their Confidence For Public Speaking

The quiz that we offer is not merely about questions and options. There is a lot more to it. The quizzes designed by us focus on the cognitive development of children. They help children learn the concepts that they study in school much better.

Sharpens the mind

When children are learning through books and notes, they are referring to them for the answers. However, when attempting a quiz, they need to use their mind to find the answers to the questions. Would you like your child to participate in quizzes on your smartphone? Install the KidsBuddy Smiley app on your smartphone today. With KidsBuddy, you can keep track of and evaluate your child’s learning progress. Try the KidsBuddy app today and feel the visible difference in your child within a few days.

Encourages students to participate

A quiz encourages students of all ages to participate. We have learners from 4 years old to 12 years old participate in our daily quiz.