About Us


To make learning fun and enjoyable for children through creative and exciting games and activities.


To strengthen the bond between a parent and child by allowing parents to know the inborn talents in their child.

What is KidsBuddy?

KidsBuddy is a free mobile application specially designed for the kids to nourish their better future and also for society. We will help the kids to learn through fun. Apart from academic activities, we encourage our kids to improve their unacademic activities like music, dance craft, and sports. We provide daily activities for our children, and by performing these tasks they can discover, experiment, and learn independently. These actions will help them to learn without any boredom from the traditional learning system.

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Looking for ways to improve your child’s cognitive and behavioral skills, then it is high time to pay attention to KidsBuddy. We are here to help you to improve your kid’s learning skills along with developing cognitive and behavioral development through exciting games and other fun activities.
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Why KidsBuddy?

KidsBuddy constantly provides an active learning system that engages our kids in their learning process instead of passive learning. We mainly focused on the play-based learning method. These actions are suitable for children in the age group of 4 to 12 years. We have categorized a variety of tasks based on different age groups. The things they learn can be easly applied in their day-to day life. By performing these activities, they can think out of the box.

For children

KidsBuddy has already designed a set of games in which the child can start learning new things in a gaming mode. These activities will help to increase our kid’s vocabulary and knowledge. Flashcard quizlets in our app will actively stimulate the kid’s memory. It also nourishes good practices like respecting elders, protecting nature, self-hygiene, helping others, understanding the emotions of others, etc. The knowledge which they acquire will assist them to enhance their exploration of new ideas and also their application in daily life.

For parents

KidsBuddy will provide a report on your child’s development. It contains our child’s inherent ability,

his/her interested area, his/her knowledge level, his/her awareness about the outer world, his social skills, etc. Our mission is to make a strong bond between the child and parents. KidsBuddy store will help you to purchase learning materials for your child. We ensure that KidsBuddy will be a true friend and a guide to both parents and children.

Who we are?

The KidsBuddy team includes various experts like children’s Doctors, Psychologists, Teachers, Software engineers, and parents who are much fervent to give the best future-based learning tips to the kids. We encourage our kids to be independent and inquisitive and also to enhance their social skills. Our team will create different tasks to bring the kid out into the real world to make them feel learning more enjoyable.