Children Vocabulary

Discover A New Word And Its Attributes Daily

Did you know learning a new word enhances your brain function and improves intelligence? A strong vocabulary is directly proportional to a child’s success in many areas. Your vocabulary also plays a significant role in having good communication skills. Let’s lay down the foundation for language fluency and improving vocabulary for kids from an early age through Kidsbuddy Vocabulary.  

KidsBuddy Vocabulary is a complete package for your children to start learning new words. Your child will learn a new word every day along with their synonyms and antonyms. Here the kids are able to grasp the meaning and concept behind a word, and its usage in a sentence.

The benefits of learning a new word are many. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Enhance Your Child’s Memory

Don’t we often remember a person, place, or thing based on some words related to them? Similarly learning new words, their meanings, synonyms, and antonyms can help the child to recall events, people, and places. This habit of learning new words and understanding their meaning help the brain to make connections easily.

A Routine Excercise For Your Child’s Brain

There is no doubt that improving your child’s vocabulary will make him/her more intelligent and smarter. Learning new words can be considered as a training session for their brain. Your children’s brains need to be stimulated regularly for better functioning and to stay sharp. And building your kid’s vocabulary is the best technique for this. Learning new words is followed by image visualizing, learning the concept behind the words, and thus allowing the brain to form new ideas and thoughts.

Strengthen Your Children’s Communication Skills

There are many situations where we are unable to convey our thoughts and ideas to the other person due to a lack of words or not understanding a particular word said by them. This can limit a person’s social interaction and build a communication gap with others. So it is very essential for your children to widen their vocabulary and maintain good communication with their peer group, teachers, and friends.

Boost Their Confidence For Public Speaking

Good vocabulary makes a child more confident self-assured. Knowing more words aids in sentence formation, using a variety of words with the same meaning to style the sentence that forms a good impression. Your child with a good vocabulary can hold the attention of others in public with complete confidence.


Vocabulary is critical in reading, writing, and speaking. Whether and story writing, poetry, essay, feature writing, journals, diary, etc. vocabulary is absolutely necessary for your children.