KidsBuddy Academia

KidsBuddy Academia

KidsBuddy Academia is a platform that allows teachers and schools to set up virtual classrooms for their students. Through the use of the virtual classroom, we help parents and teachers establish deep and meaningful connections with the kids.

By assigning students to work on a variety of activities, teachers can teach diverse subjects by using a virtual classroom. This enhances the students’ knowledge and assists them in developing their academic and extracurricular skills.

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KidsBuddy Academia Highlights

Smart homework

Get your child introduced to smart homework! Smart homework is done smartly by incorporating technology in antonyms so that your child never loses interest and focuses on whatever they learn. KidsBuddy uses a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to teach the students through a model of fun-based interactive learning.

Virtual classroom

A virtual classroom allows teachers and students to interact and conduct teaching sessions right from the comfort of their homes. The Virtual classroom is easy, interesting, and provides a comfortable experience for the student, enhancing the learning experience.

Teacher-parents-students connection

Perhaps the most highlighted benefit of having KidsBuddy is that not just the teachers, but the parents get to take an active part in the learning process of the child as well. KidsBuddy provides parents to monitor, join virtual classrooms, participate in activities like storytelling and keep a track of their child’s progress. This Teacher-parents-students connection makes learning more responsible and strong.

Assessments run by teachers and students

The assessments run by the teachers help in the right evaluation of a student’s capabilities. The teachers with the help of these assessments can guide the students toward a better learning model with the help of personalized content by KidsBuddy.

Benefits for schools

Today’s students are different from what they used to be a decade ago! Nowadays students want to be technologically advanced in every way even in the way they are taught. That’s why KidsBuddy is here! We are here to offer schools a new method of teaching that can drive up the children’s interest and make things easier for both parties. Let us go through the main benefits.

An immersive teaching experience

Ed-tech platforms like KidsBuddy offers students an immersive learning experience that would otherwise be impossible through traditional teaching methods. For instance, Kids can get more immersed in a story if the storytelling is done through bright images, text, and smooth animations. Visual teaching has a deeper impact on students learning.

Easier for the teacher to understand a student’s weak spots

With KidsBuddys detailed reports, a teacher will be at ease as all the data on how the student is performing can be visible to the teacher as well as to the parent. Teachers can then personalize activities to improve a student’s weak spot.

It adds the fun to learning

We are always connected by technology and the same goes for our kids. When our kids are in the absence of technology they immediately lose interest and focus on things in their surroundings. Bringing back technology in studies revives the fun in the learning and drives up a child’s interest in learning.

Technology prepares a student for technical jobs in the future

Today most job profiles are demanding technical expertise. Most students who have studied the traditional way have to go the extra mile and learn about technological advancements as they are not taught about it in their education.

By encouraging the use of certain tools like video calling, interactive games, quizzes, and more, KidsBuddy feeds the technical knowledge right into the kid’s brains. They become technologically advanced by getting used to the ed-tech platform. KidsBuddy puts technology right where it belongs, at the top of the learning pyramid!

Smart homework

At KidsBuddy we provide an effective medium of homework to students. Unlike other platforms, KidsBuddy doesn’t send important educational updates through WhatsApp. By using WhatsApp for educational purposes there is a misuse of privacy and that’s why WhatsApp groups are not recommended, that’s why we provide in-app discussions to parents on their student’s performance.

Benefits for parents

KidsBuddy as a platform has many advantages for parents as this service is primarily to help ease up the learning process for kids and ultimately make the routine easier for parents.

Below are some of the features and benefits that we are going to talk about how KIdsBuddy helps parents specifically.

Remote learning

Through KidsBudy we are allowing remote learning to take a step forward and help kids to learn in the best of ways right from the comfort of their houses. This freedom makes studying convenient for small kids.

Automated preparations

Unlike a traditional teaching method, KidsBuddys online platform makes things easier for teachers as it helps them prepare for the next days teaching material in an easy way, and also the data that is collected through the app is helpful for tracking and analyzing a student’s performance.

Personalized activities

The main benefit of having an online ed-tech platform is that you get the option to have personalized plans for your kid. KidsBuddy offers the teachers and the parents the option to select and customize plans based on their child’s preferences and needs.

More engagement from a child

An interactive app with beautiful UI and animations will get more attention and focus from a child than a boring textbook would. The interaction on a smart device like a phone or tablet would result in the child engaging more in the services of an ed-tech platform.

Parents can identify the student’s progress

With the comprehensive reports of the activities performed by a student, not only the teachers, but even the parents can keep track and identify the student’s progress. This level of integration helps parents realize where their child is having difficulty learning and thanks to KidsBuddy they can even personalize activities to help them focus on their weak spots.