Children News

Children News

Staying abreast and up-to-date with the latest news around the world, especially related to kids is extremely rewarding for children, no matter their age group.

Just like we adults love to read a newspaper in the morning with our tea, kids too would develop a curiosity about what is happening around them.

At KidsBuddy Smiley, we update 1-2 news specifically related to children. We strictly don’t include any news related to any other topic like politics, economy, etc. We only provide news on a day-to-day basis of a child’s life.

What’s keeping you waiting?

Would you like your child to gain a good grasp of the English language and learn new words every day? News updated every day on the KidsBuddy Smiley app enables your child to develop an analytical mind. Install the KidsBuddy Smiley app today and experience the change the news can bring in your child.

Updated with the latest happenings

News keeps kids informed about what exactly is happening across the globe. It increases their awareness of any new developments related to children.

Improves their reading skills

Reading news on our KidsBuddy Smiley app regularly improves the reading skills of children. They become acquainted with new words, ideas, and sentence formation. All this would ultimately help them in their school life.

Ocean of knowledge

The news updated on our KidsBuddy Smiley app is like a wealth of information for children. They get to read articles, views, blogs, and even research-based content. Exposure to a wide range of enriched content enables them to develop a broader perspective on life.