Skills required for 2030


Based on the reports with this new path ahead of us, have you ever thought of how our children will fit in this world?

Well, that’s why KidsBuddy is here for! KidsBuddy is a platform that provides the most comfortable educational environments for teachers, students, and parents. In terms of a child’s educational journey, this remote e-learning model teaches technical and other important skills required by the students by the year 2030. It involves the input of teachers and parents both for a better learning experience.

Computer knowledge

Technology is one of the essential features a child should know. Technology is booming every day, So the child should aware of the changes happening around them. Technology is a powerful tool that may aid and improve education in a variety of ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to allowing students to study and contribute in new ways.


Children learn to instantly rectify mistakes and attempt things again in different ways through coding. Children who learn to code are also better able to persevere through challenges and work toward solutions. There are many additional domains where this method of problem-solving can be applied.

Communication skills

Communication is the number one skill that students need to develop early in their lives. If a student can communicate effectively with their teacher they will have an advantage in understanding the topics and also gel along well with other classmates. If a child has great communication skills they will make friends easily and quickly. Connecting with their peers, socializing and maintaining good relationships with others will also be affected by communication skills.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking skills help students to think about a situation from various perspectives and come up with different angles to a problem and it not only helps a student in academics but also helps them in real life too.

Problem-Solving skills

Problem-solving skills help us to identify the root of the problems in any given environment and solve it efficiently without causing any more issues. Students can develop their creativity, research skills, and curiosity with this. It can be applied in the academic and personal life of the child.


Curiosity helps students gather information and apply critical thinking to what they see and what they learn. Through curiosity a student engages in inquiry skills, they question what they are learning and often are able to come up with better solutions and ideas.


The best thing about innovation and creativity is that they allow a student to express themselves in the most beautiful way. Creativity allows students to look at various problems and various opportunities from a fresh and unique perspective in life. Having a creative outlook in life helps a student have a think-out-of-the-box approach allowing them to be unique and more flexible when faced with a situation that demands immediate action. Having innovation and creativity can help students who want to build a career in the artistic and creative fields of work.

Active learning

The active interaction that a child has during the learning process helps them to develop some of the best skills required to function in real life. Students will have increased efficiency in the learning process as well as in handling real-life situations. The active learning method helps the child have a straightforward approach when it comes to new concepts and ideas. The active learning model has also known to be great for the cognitive functions of the brain, aiding in the development of the brain.