What Makes KidsBuddy the Finest App for Child Development?

KidsBuddy Smiley is an experience guaranteed to put more smiles on the faces of both children and parents alike. We follow a psychometric and cognitive development approach to explore your child’s likes and dislikes. And this is done easily through activity-based learning for children. The happiness and welfare of a child are always the number one priority for a parent. The anxiety and concern for your child’s future sometimes cloud your judgment regardingyour child’s talents. It’s been high time for you to be smart and work effectively to nurture your child’s passion and interests.

KidsBuddy Smiley acts as an excellent medium for you to identify your child’s strengths and abilities. You will be surprised at how a few simple but meaningful tasks to be performed daily can bring out a tremendous change in your child’s life. Early childhood play-based learning is critical to your child’s development. Discovering and developing talents in a cognitive manner have proved to be 100% successful because children learn through play. This is what makes KidsBuddy Smiley a unique application. We have a good team of education experts, child psychologists, and other child experts in the background to help us in this innovation.

All children are born with their unique talents and abilities. But most of them are not even recognized by us, or even if it is recognized it is still ignored as the child grows and uptakes the pressure of the present learning system. Now, are you ready to make a move in developing a child’s talents and advancing their skills?

“Are you sure just following the present education system alone will secure your child’s future and happiness?”

An education system that has not been updated or advanced for such a long time is the reality you are facing. But this is what you always trusted and believed your children’s talents and abilities will be molded to be perfect. Now let’s ask some questions ourselves to verify this sentiment once more.

  • Do the children get enough exposure to various topics and subjects to identify their interests?
  • Now in a classroom of many different students with varied interests and abilities how a teacher can invest in developing talents?
  • And do all types of talents are supported in schools?
  • Are the children enjoying what they learn from school?

We hope these questions gave a clear picture of the futile and fruitless approach of learning you have been taking until now. You don’t want to make the same mistake as many parents before in understanding their child’s interests, aptitude, and abilities. As we all know “there is no time like the present”, it’s time to go for a more innovative and knowledge-based path for your child’s growth and development.

Our team at KidsBuddy has been pondering over this problem for some time to provide the right solution to both the children and the parents. Having gone through the same phase of difficulty and disturbance as a parent, we were inspired to research for a much effective solution that could be accessible to every parent out there.

Voilà! That’s how KidsBuddy Smiley was born!

KidsBuddy Smiley: A lifetime experience that can change your kid’s life

An early children aptitude test helps the parents in recognizing the area in which their talents lie. And this, in turn, gives ample time for you as a parent to help your child in improving their skills. Our psychometric tests for children are conducted through daily fun activities that boost their energy and spirit. But at the same time, they give accurate information on how your child thinks, their intellectual and physical skills, and much more. The fact is children tend to grasp knowledge faster and retain them longer if they are taught in a way they like, preferably through a game or a fun activity.

KidsBuddy Smiley App is a simple and reliable app for your children to identify what they like to learn and to be taught in a way they like.

What more could you want?

Well-experienced and ingenious professionals like education experts, child psychologists, and other child experts put their brains together to design and conceptualize KidsBuddy Smiley. KidsBuddy Smiley, the brainchild of the KidsBuddy team, is guaranteed to put the smiles on the faces of all the children and parents, which we were striving for.

The fun activities have been designed to not only be enjoyably fun for the children to do but also to incorporate the ‘learn through what they do’ concept. It helps children to learn their subjects through a practical approach. In short, KidsBuddy Smiley is a ‘fun-learning experience’ for the kids.

You will be provided with yielding skill management and time management techniques that could be easily incorporated in your kid’s daily routine. And you get to explore every subject and topic along with your children, thus being a part of your child’s happiness. You all have very gifted children with you with different talents, now let us help you to analyze and expand them. Let us not be too late to identify your child’s interest and let it waste away.

Why has KidsBuddy Smiley is a necessity for skill & talent development?

We strongly believe each child is bestowed with its unique talents. Some of them are born with it. Some acquire it by the influence of other people and the environment they grew in. The argument on which is more important; nature or nurture, and which one plays a more important role in talent development of a child has been going on till now. Now let us consider a nature vs nurture example to analyze this easily.

According to studies, some children are born to have an affinity towards music. Well, interesting isn’t it, and a gene that is passed through that particular family could be a reason for this. But even if the child was gifted to identify musical notes from the birth itself, it doesn’t ensure proper talent development. Nurturing is key to developing those talents. Let’s do some smart work and develop your kid’s natural talents to their fullest.

Talent and abilities vary from one child to another, and there are also multi-talented prodigies. You may be shocked to discover your kid’s abilities because it may be something you were least expecting. When the current learning system limits your child’s knowledge to a few areas, we would like to give an experience of a wider range.

You might find children that are truly talented when it comes to the creative arts, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. While others will be into music, writing, acting, inherently putting on a show for others. You might come across children who are noted for their observing skills, the display logic and analytic skills of par excellence. Some children are great at any physical activity, especially sports.

This is why we have taken upon ourselves in providing a platform for parents and their primary caretakers to learn of the areas where their children excel. We want to inform or rather familiarize each parent and caretaker with their child. So that they can take the time to track the talents of their children and nurture them.

How is KidsBuddy Smiley a learning experience that is both fun & practical?

See the results in a very short period.

KidsBuddy Smiley app has a 30-day monthly challenge where your child has to attempt any one of the three tasks that are assigned to him/her daily. You cancel this program anytime without any liabilities and issues. At the end of the month, you can opt for a psychometric report to analyze their abilities and interest, for just 1 Dollar.

Some of these tasks might be part of the area of interests of the child and some might not. The child can choose the one he/she likes as she progresses through the program. The general mental ability and reasoning of a child could be evaluated and brought to you in a simple report. These reports can also give a basic idea of time management skills, social management skills, a child’s IQ, and observational skills. You will also get a clear picture of their leadership qualities, interpersonal skill, organizational skill, and gross motor skill.

We plan to provide each child with a series of daily tasks that will culminate in the 30-day monthly challenge. These tasks have been planned and designed to provide the child with a learning experience through games and fun activities. All the tasks are put together very thoughtfully by child experts and psychologists always keeping in mind the mental and physical well-being of the children.

Once the child has completed the 30-day monthly challenge, we will be submitting a comprehensive report to the parents. This report, created by our panel of child experts based on the results of your child’s 30-day monthly challenge, will give you an idea of your child’s different areas of interest. You will find all the essential information required for better child growth and development in these reports. And these reports will be provided straightforward and easy to understand but still containing all substantial information.

Now are the tasks the same for all the children?

That is a big NO!

Clubbing children of all ages in a single group and then giving them a single task does not provide the right result to know what talent each child possesses. This is why we have divided our children into the following categories

Cheery Tots:

We have brought together the children of the ages 4,5 & 6 years to this group for the cheer they bring. They are happy all the time and let’s maintain those smiles.

The Thinkers:

We have named this group so because children of the ages 7, 8 & 9 years are known for their ability to observe, think, and ask questions. Let the curiosity keep going.

The Practitioners:

Here, we have children of the ages 10, 11 & 12 years, commonly known as the Pre-teens. They are known to practice and bring to life what they learn. Let’s increase their opportunities to practice more.

The Incredibles:

We have not forgotten the inspiring bunch of differently-abled children who have opened our eyes to think differently.

The Subject Areas We have brought together a list of subjects where we will be providing tasks:

  1. The ARTS:
    In this subject area, we will provide tasks that will put the children to do things from their imagination. These tasks have been selected to deal with the creative part of the child’s mind.
    In this subject area, we will be providing tasks relating to science and other types of facts. These tasks will help the children observe their surroundings and help them understand how things work.
    In this subject area, we have collected tasks that will put the left side of the brain to use. These tasks will help the child think logically and analytically to do activities.
    In this subject area, we have included all the activities for exploring the physical capabilities of the children. These tasks are designed in such a manner that it can be easily incorporated into day-to-day activities.

KidsBuddy made life much better and enjoyable for millions of children out there!!

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