KidsBuddy benefits

KidsBuddy is a mobile application platform designed for children in KG1 to Grade 7. KidsBuddy places a strong emphasis
on student skill development, which will support the child’s academic and cognitive growth.


KidsBuddy provides a flexible way for schools to deliver curriculum and supplement instruction, allowing teachers and students to access educational materials and resources anytime and anywhere. This can be a cost-effective way for schools to provide educational resources and support to students, as they often require little or no additional resources or equipment. Also, our app can be an excellent resource for remote learning, allowing students to continue their education even when they are not in the classroom.


KidsBuddy can be an excellent resource for children who may need extra support or who are looking for ways to enhance their learning experience. Our app features educational games, videos, and interactive sessions like VOCABULARY, KNOWLEDGE CARD, SPELLING KID, MATH KID, KIDS STORIES, KIDS DIARY, and KIDS NEWS, that can provide children with a variety of learning experiences and help them to find learning methods that suit them. We provide children with opportunities to practice and reinforce the skills and concepts they are learning in school, helping them to solidify their understanding and improve retention.

For teachers,
KidsBuddy provides tracking and assessment tools, which can provide teachers with valuable data and insights about student progress. This can help them identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and adjust instruction accordingly. Teachers can also get instant feedback on student understanding, which can help them adjust instruction in real-time and provide targeted support to individual students. We provide personalized sessions to meet the needs of individual students, providing them with tailored instruction and support to help them succeed, which can help teachers differentiate instruction for students.


With KidsBuddy, parents can stay involved in their child’s education and support their learning at home. We provide parents with access to educational resources and support even when they are not able to be in the classroom with their child, allowing them to support their child’s learning from anywhere. They can also communicate with teachers and stay updated on their child’s progress, assignments, and upcoming events. We also have features that allow parents to track their children’s progress. This can include information on which lessons have been completed, scores on quizzes and tests, and other data related to their children’s learning.