Children Online Store

Children Online Store

Just like we adults love online shopping, kids love it too. The physical brick and mortar stores are now slowly being replaced by e-commerce stores.

Just imagine the joy and happiness on the face of children if they can purchase toys and books. Yes, KidsBuddy Smiley makes this dream a reality.

By playing different quizzes and puzzles on the KidsBuddy Smiley app, kids can earn points for every correct answer and every puzzle completed. These points get accumulated in their account. The points kids earn through their efforts and skill are not merely points that remain in the account. These points are prizes for the right answers kids have given. Children can redeem these points for buying various educational toys and books on our app.

Just like other e-commerce portals, we have a wide range of educational toys and books on the KidsBuddy Smiley app. These toys and books are only related to learning and education for kids. Children can purchase these by redeeming the maximum number of points they have and pay the remaining amount for the toy or book.

The main reason for introducing a points-based system on our app

Do you want your child to get an educational book or toy as a prize based on his/her efforts and hard work? Gift your child the KidsBuddy Smiley app today. Playing various quizzes and puzzles in our app would enable your child to win more points. Using these points direct purchase of various educational toys and books liked by your child can be done online.

boost the engagement of kids

promote the active participation of children in the quiz, puzzles, and other fun activities

develop a sense of self-confidence amongst kids

build a problem-solving approach in children from a young age