Play-Based Learning: A Guide

Children grow and learn better in an environment where they feel happy to be. The ideal scenario for such a situation is with play-based learning. By engaging in fun learning activities, kids can improve their cognitive and social skills. They also learn to communicate and negotiate in interactive games, why can be especially helpful for children that are shy to come out of their shell with others.

A group of kids playing with blocks.

Memory Based Games

These are the games that will focus mainly on getting kids to work on their memory and recognition. Read stories to children, and they might even request some of them on repeat and ask them if they remember the events in it.

From a book full of pictures, point at the pictures and tell the kids what they mean. The same goes for different items around the house and your neighborhood. Doing all this strengthens their ability to remember and recall things.

Creative Fun

These games focus on exploring a child’s imagination and intuition, along with their creativity. Give them something like playdough or a set of blocks, show them how they work, and let them either replicate you or work on their creations. With these items, children have a lot of flexibility, but there needs to be caution that the children don’t swallow any of these toys.

You don’t necessarily have to go out to get any particular toy, as kids can play with items like cardboard rolls and pipes too. Let them build forts with pillows and sheets, let their imagination spring to life.

Intelligence-Based Games

Games that focus on topics such as Mathematics and Science are included in this category. Board games count in this, as kids first learn the game rules and improve memory, but also about numbers as they progress in the game.

Map and gems required for Treasure Hunt.

A favorite among children is the treasure hunt. Create a set of clues, all leading to one final treat and let your kid think for themselves and find their way to it. It’s a lot of fun, suitable for a child’s skill development and has a reward at the end of it.

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