Pandemic Parenting: Tips to Help Your Child Cope

Being a parent is possibly the most challenging yet rewarding role one plays in their life. Being a parent during a pandemic is no small feat. Covid-19 has disrupted and thrown askew schedules of parents and children alike.

Families that have young children have been hit hard in particular, due to their limited access to child care resources.

With work from home, online school, no household help; mental stress is at an all time high. 

We know you want to do your best for your child, while remaining productive throughout your work day.

Let us go through some coping skills that parents can adopt for themselves as well as their children in this extraordinary time.

  1. Answer questions about the pandemic: Talk to your kids about what’s going on as simply and clearly as you can. Having this conversation will help soothe any fears they have based on rumours or false news. It will also help them to understand health practices they can adopt such as washing hands, wearing a mask etc.
  1. Follow a routine: Having a sense of structure and routine is very important in times as uncertain as these. Children also feel secure when they know what their day and week is like. While you will encourage them to stick to waking up times, time for schoolwork and play, include family time where you read together or just talk about how the day went. Keep your child’s bedroom free of any gadgets before bedtime.
  1. Adopt positive parenting: Use rewards to reinforce good behaviour. This could include completing school work in time, helping a sibling, or doing a chore. Since the pandemic is a scary and stressful time for children, they can use the extra rewards right now. This will focus their attention on good behaviour and keep them in a positive mindset.

As a parent, some ways you can cope is by taking time every day to journal or meditate. Whatever helps you feel centered or calm should become part of your routine.

 After all, only a happy, stress-free parent makes a good one!

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